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In these uncertain times, Detector Inspector continues our commitment to keeping residents safe in their homes and giving agents and landlords peace of mind. In QLD, new legislation effective from 1 January 2022 will impact the requirements for smoke alarms in all residential buildings and most will require upgrades in order to be compliant with the new regulations. Let Detector Inspector take this off your to-do list—we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on securing compliance for your properties.

Changes to smoke alarm legislation in QLD: what it means for agents and landlords

If you’re a property manager or a landlord in Queensland, it’s time to get on top of the smoke alarm legislation changes that effect you and your properties. The task of getting all residential properties compliant before the deadline is a huge one that could exceed the capacity of Queensland’s qualified electricians and technicians. Some properties will miss out or will pay large premiums as the date looms closer. Don’t let that happen to you!

If you’re still trying to understand what the legislation changes mean for you, we’ve summarised the changes for you here.

In short, the new legislation states that all residences must have hardwired 240-volt photoelectric or 10-year lithium battery powered smoke alarms installed in each bedroom and on each storey, in accordance with strict placement guidelines. In almost all cases, this will mean multiple alarms on each storey and all smoke alarms must be interconnected with each other.

The deadline for installing and interconnecting new smoke alarms in accordance with legislation is 1 January 2022 for all residential buildings being leased, re-leased or sold. All other residential buildings must have their smoke alarms upgraded by 1 January 2027.

If you think you’ve got plenty of time to get this sorted before 2022, think again.

With an estimated 400,000+ rental homes yet to be upgraded in Queensland, smart property managers and landlords are thinking ahead and acting NOW, before prices increase dramatically and service providers book out!

We are helping Queenslanders to get ready for 2022 with the simplest and most attractive upgrade offer.

3 reasons to get in touch with Detector Inspector and get this organised today:

1. We’re #1 in Australia for Smoke Alarm Servicing and we’re leading the industry in measures to keep you and our staff safe from COVID-19.

Detector Inspector has been installing, servicing and maintaining smoke alarms in Australia for over 15 years. We’ve completed well in excess of 1m services and we currently look after the smoke alarm safety for more than 210,000 Australian homes.

As an essential safety service, the demand for our services remains a legislated requirement in most states. As such, we are continuing to operate nationwide with a number of additional safety precautions. You can read in detail about the extensive measures we have implemented to keep tenants, agency staff and our technicians safe here.

2. The deadline date won’t change, and landlords will be legally responsible for ensuring compliance in time.

Smoke alarm safety remains an essential service. With emergency services facing an unprecedented workload in the coming months, now more than ever it’s crucial to have preventative safety measures in place to keep residents safe inside their homes. As the date approaches for the new legislation to come into effect, it’s crucial to plan now to get properties compliant in time. If compliance isn’t met by the deadlines, landlords and agents will still be legally exposed if there’s an incident at a rental property.

3. As the deadline gets closer, prices are being driven up by increasing demand.

It’s increasingly evident that there will be a shortage of labour to perform all the upgrades and new installations before the deadline. Increased demand will drive up the prices for getting the necessary upgrades as the deadline draws near. In other words, the later you leave it to organise the upgrades, the more it will cost. If you act now, Detector Inspector can help you get the best possible price and meet the new requirements in time.

Remember: services are already starting to book up ahead of the deadline on 1 January 2022! Get in touch now to secure upgrades and ensure uninterrupted smoke alarm compliance in all your properties.

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