It’s no surprise that the Detector Inspector is going above and beyond for their customers in 2019. We want compliance to be so easy that most could do it in their sleep. But how do we give our customers what they want without comprising our own status?

Easy, we meet in the middle with a fixed fee service. And no, it doesn’t that mean that it’s going to be more expensive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. All you have to do it pay $90 plus GST and that’s it. No hidden fees, no extra costs – nothing! Just set it all up and then you can literally forget about it, knowing that your property is protected with the industry leaders. Now if you’re a landlord or work for an agency, doesn’t this sound like a dream?

We’ve truly taken out the fuss and hassle of dealing with a safety and compliance service company. The service includes the replacement of 9-volt batteries in all smoke detectors with back up batteries, the replacement of 240-volt mains powered smoke detectors and also 10-year Lithium powered smoke alarms. So basically everything you can think of in fire protection. Our services are guaranteed for 12 months, which means that any time we provide the service to a property, we will make as many call outs to that property as required, during the guaranteed period for no extra cost.

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We understand that families love this service, knowing that their home is protected all year round. But if you’re a landlord and haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You could save heaps money and no longer have to worry about expensive invoices and quotations – every invoice is the same! Simply put, agencies love it too.

Property managers no longer have to chase quotes and receive complaints from landlords about expensive invoices as well. This speeds up the process to ensure properties are compliant and the tenant is safe – its a win-win situation. So if you’re somewhere in the middle of finding the right safety and compliance company that’s hassle-free and straight up about their services, rest assured, you don’t need to look anymore – we’re right here!