Winter 2020 is the time to get on top of gas safety!

This year, Victorians are spending more time at home due to COVID-19 and giving their gas appliances a workout. Only around 5% of gas appliances are serviced regularly in line with recommendations, meaning thousands of appliances are left working inefficiently and even leaking dangerous gas.

Regular gas safety checks will be mandatory as per the new RTA (Vic) regulation changes effective on or before January 2021, which is coming up fast! The time is now to organise a set-and-forget solution for gas appliances in your properties.

Why get regular gas safety checks?

Organising a gas safety service might seem like another hassle on your to-do list. But regular servicing prevents future problems and gives you peace of mind.

  • Maximise efficiency – Regular services increase appliance efficiency, maximising performance and extending the life of the appliance.
  • Minimise danger – A gas safety check every 2 years will decrease the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide leakage going unnoticed.
  • Meet legislation – From 1 Jan 2021, regular gas safety checks will be mandatory for all rental properties.

With Detector Inspector’s gas safety & compliance service, there’s no hassle to you. Our system automates the process from start to finish, ensuring gas appliances are kept up to date and property managers have one less thing to worry about.

What happens if gas appliances go unserviced?

As Australia’s #1 compliance provider, we’ve inspected the gas appliances at thousands of properties.

Around 50% of the gas appliances we service have compliance or installation issues on our first visit. And upon initial testing, we find that around 25% of the gas heaters pose an imminent safety risk!

This is pretty scary when you consider that only around 5% of properties are complying with the recommendation to have gas appliances serviced and checked every 2 years. This means that there are thousands of gas appliances in Victoria going unchecked, performing below their best and potentially leaking harmful carbon monoxide into people’s homes.

The Detector Inspector Advantage

We provide the best gas safety & compliance service in the business. With Detector Inspector, you know you’re getting:

  • Industry-leading equipment and appliances – we use Testo branded equipment for carbon monoxide testing, and we supply and install all industry-leading appliances for heating, cooling and hot water.
  • Ongoing safety & compliance – Our testing regime includes carbon monoxide tests and air for combustion assessment to ensure appliances are operating properly and tenants are safe.
  • Access to qualified Type A servicing accredited technicians – this is the only class of technician permitted to carry out safety checks under the new legislation.
  • Detailed safety and compliance reports after every service – so that all the information is in your hands. We also keep a digital trail of communications and services on record for audit purposes or in case of an incident.
  • Fast appliance changeover and amazing customer service – because it’s our business to make gas safety as hassle-free as possible.

Why now?

There are two fantastic reasons to get your gas safety services organised right now: new challenges affecting the way people use their gas appliances, and new incoming legislation from next year.

  1. Winter 2020 is a time of new challenges. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Victorians are spending more time at home this winter, meaning that gas appliances are getting even more of a workout than usual. It’s important to make sure they’re working at their most efficient.In response to the current situation, the Victorian Government has issued a health alert reminding residents that gas heaters need to be serviced regularly to minimise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The alert also points out that “installing a carbon monoxide alarm is a useful back-up measure but does not replace the need for regular servicing of gas heaters.”
  1. 2021 will bring new legislation. From 1 January 2021, rental providers must have a gas safety check conducted every 2 years in their rental properties. So don’t put this off any longer!

Maximise efficiency with a comprehensive gas safety & compliance service

Our gas safety service ensures that all appliances have the correct gas operating pressures, making appliances run more efficiently.

Using our qualified Type A servicing accredited technicians means you’ve ensured professional commissioning of appliances, which protects the manufacturer’s warranty.

Regularly serviced appliances have a more efficient operation, better performance and longer life, backed up by a non-voided warranty in case of unexpected issues.

Efficient services from us, efficient appliances in your properties. It’s a win-win!

Remember, regular gas safety checks will be mandatory under Victorian legislation effective on or before 2021. Get organised now and enjoy peace of mind.

If you’re a landlord, ask your property manager about enrolling in Detector Inspector’s gas safety service for uninterrupted compliance and safety of tenants.

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