Is your office still doing paperwork like it’s 2016?

The explosion of prop-tech in the past five years has pushed a rapid transformation of the way Property Managers operate on the ground. Clients expect more efficiency and accountability from reliable technology-driven solutions, making property management an increasingly competitive game.

Compliance management is one of the biggest hassles for a real estate agency, but it’s also one of the most crucial services you provide. Technology-driven compliance management solutions can save huge amounts of time and energy, and help you wow your clients with a level of service your competitors can’t match.

Is your current compliance management system at the cutting edge?

These six questions will tell you if you’re using the latest technology in compliance management solutions, or if you’re lagging behind.

1. Is your compliance management fully-integrated with your property management software, without laborious extra data entry from you?

Detector Inspector’s custom-built solutions integrate with the major property management software platforms. We assist with a hassle-free changeover, and information automatically integrates into your system once you’ve made the switch. So while we’re continually creating new technology and upgrades, you can adapt the latest solutions seamlessly with minimum disruption to your office workflow.

2. Does your compliance provider automatically audit enrolments once a year?

To maximise landlord buy-in, our system emails all your non-enrolled landlords to opt them into our compliance management program. They can enrol online in just 30 seconds, resulting in a much greater uptake compared to paper-based mailouts. You can see which landlords have opened and clicked, so you can follow up outstanding enrolments more efficiently. And the system automatically does this year after year, so you know you’re covering your obligations to keep landlords informed and compliant.

3. Do you have an automatic online booking system that allows tenants to manage their own service appointments?

Our fully-automated digital booking system sends entry notifications for regular services at enrolled properties via email and text, direct from the system to your tenants. Tenants can confirm or change appointments themselves online. The convenience for tenants leads to fewer overdue jobs and a higher rate of ongoing compliance, all with no extra work from you – the system runs itself.

Good to know: Detector Inspector is the only service provider that offers an online booking system for tenants!

4. Does your current service provider upload service information on the spot to be triple-checked against previous records?

 Detector Inspector’s technicians use our mobile app to upload every step of the service process into the system as they go, including time- and location-stamped photos of smoke alarms and appliances, so that service records are always up to date and nothing gets missed. The app also works as a training tool – techs are quizzed and monitored every time they log in, ensuring they stay at the top of their game.

5. Can you access up-to-date job statuses and service information online at any time?

 You shouldn’t have to chase your service providers for updates. With Detector Inspector, your online portal gives you 24/7 access to information including current job statuses, past service records, key registers and more. It’s updated in real-time so you always know what’s going on. Have the information at your fingertips, when you need it!

6. Does your compliance management system create a watertight digital audit trail to fall back on in case of an incident at one of your properties?

Our technology records all of your contact with landlords and shows who has clicked through on your digital communication. The system tracks, checks and records every step of the service process at enrolled properties. All of this provides a detailed record demonstrating that you’ve carried out your duty of care to keep landlords informed of their responsibilities and maintain ongoing compliance. And most of it happens automatically, with minimum time and hassle for you.

Industry-leading Property Managers need industry-leading compliance management solutions. Ready to get ahead of the game?

Check out the Detector Inspector Difference or contact us today to ask about a custom-built compliance management solution for your office.