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As a property manager & owner in Victoria, your obligations are significantly changing between now and the end of 2020. As Australia’s #1 residential Safety & Compliance services company, we designed the Safer Home Package, an all-inclusive (smoke alarm, gas & electrical) low annual fee solution, to help you stay compliant under the new legislation.

The new legislation: more than just new safety checks

On or before 1 Jan 2021, new legislation from the RTA (VIC) will mean a significant increase in the compliance & administrative burden for already stretched property managers and a range of new tenant Safety & Compliance requirements:

  • From optional to under the new legislation, regular safety checks for smoke alarms, gas and electrical are compulsory, not just recommended.
  • From an obligation to offer services to an owner, to an obligation to ensure property compliance and retain relevant documents. Since safety checks are no longer optional, agents need to ensure that all owners actually take up compliance maintenance services.
  • Smoke alarms, gas, electrical and pool fences. The new legislation introduces mandatory checks for a number of safety measures that weren’t previously legislated, multiplying the obligations for agents and owners.

There are more than 600,000 properties in Victoria requiring these safety checks for the first time between now and the end of 2020, driving prices higher, creating competition for properly qualified tradespeople, and potential for service delays as the demand spikes.

Introducing Safer Home Package: All-inclusive, low annual fee

Detector Inspector is the first company offering a comprehensive set-and-forget service that ensures landlords and agencies will be compliant with the new RTA Regulations ahead of the 1 January 2021 deadline.

Step 1: Enrol your properties  on our annual subscription to cover smoke alarms, gas and electrical appliances, installations and fittings.

Step 2: Our industry-leading system automates service reminders and communication with tenants, cutting the agent’s administrative load and creating a digital audit trail to fall back on. Agents can rely on our expertise to help keep properties compliant.

Step 3: As long as the property is enrolled, we automatically maintain compliance year after year.

The Safer Home Package ensures ongoing compliance for smoke alarms, gas and electrical safety in one streamlined package. It really is that easy!

Find all the details including pricing here.

Why some agencies won’t maintain compliance in 2021

Responding to the legislation on a large scale creates some challenges.

Currently, Victoria is experiencing a state-wide shortage of qualified tradespeople (such as Type A gas fitters) required by the legislation to perform safety checks. Once the legislation takes effect on or before 1 January 2021, qualified tradespeople will find themselves booked out well in advance with agents unable to secure the necessary services to keep their properties covered.

With the new legislation requiring multiple types of Safety & Compliance checks, many agencies will be forced to deal with multiple service providers. This increases the frequency of entries and key requests, and the potential for mistakes and missed communication. There’s an increased burden on agents to maintain up-to-date records of multiple service types and provide compliance reports to occupants at the beginning of a tenancy or within 7 days of their request.

There’s no way around the fact that owners will be facing increased costs to maintain compliance. They’ll be looking for a simple, cost-effective solution with the minimum amount of hassle involved to ensure their protection.

If you want to deal with a single reliable provider and maintain watertight digital records with minimum admin, Detector Inspector’s Safer Home Package is the solution you’re looking for.

Detector Inspector is the first company offering a comprehensive service that ensures landlords and agencies will be compliant with the new RTA Regulations ahead of the 1 January 2021 deadline.

If you’re a landlord, ask your property manager about enrolling in Detector Inspector’s Safer Home Package for uninterrupted all-inclusive compliance at a low annual fee.

If you’re a property manager, enquire below to find out why Safer Home Package is the smart solution for your office and your landlords.

What’s included in the Safer Home Package subscription?

The Safer Home Package combines all mandatory safety checks (smoke alarm, gas and electrical) into a low annual fee subscription keeping Safety & Compliance and reporting up to date, year after year.

  • Dedicated tenant support hotline to minimise the burden on agents
  • FREE callouts for most faults and FREE rectification (including parts) for common faults
  • Digital Safety & Compliance report after every service for peace of mind and maintaining a digital audit trail

All managed seamlessly with Detector Inspector’s industry-leading system, integrated with your existing property management software.

With the proposed legislation changes coming into effect on or before 1 January 2021, technicians are in short supply and some agencies will miss out.

Don’t be among them! Get organised now and beat the rush.

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