Detector Inspector has new safety checks covered!

The Victorian state government recently foreshadowed changes to the RTA that will increase the mandatory safety obligations on landlords and property managers. Detector Inspector has done the research and planned the remedy—make sure you take advantage.

In November 2019, the Victorian state government released a draft of proposed changes to the Residential Tenancy Regulations (Vic), due to come into effect on 29 March 2021.

The changes will impact landlord and property managers’ obligations around smoke alarms and add new obligations to carry out mandatory gas and electrical safety checks.

What’s changing?

From the draft published in November 2019 (now under final review) these are the key obligations that are expected to change:

Smoke Alarms:

  • A smoke alarm safety service will be a mandatory requirement every year.
  • Property managers will be required to provide renters with instruction manuals for all installed alarms.
  • Renters will need to be notified that they can’t tamper with alarms and that they have a positive obligation to notify the property manager of any faults.

Gas Safety:

  • A gas safety service will be a mandatory requirement at least every 2 years.
  • The safety service must be carried out by a licensed or registered gas fitter; the reference to all gas installations and fittings means that “Type A” licensed gas fitters will be required to service appliances as part of these checks. ESV has indicated that pressure tests of the main line will also be required.

Electrical Safety:

  • An electrical safety service will be a mandatory requirement at least every 2 years. The safety service must be carried out by a licensed or registered electrician in respect of all electrical installations, fittings and appliances.

A new financial, administrative and practical burden for landlords

Under the new regulations, renters will have the right to request the date of the last safety service for both gas and electrical. There will be an obligation to complete a service ‘as soon as practicable’ when a new renter moves into a property that hasn’t had a check for 2 years or more.

Proper documentation will become a critical protection for landlords and property managers, with records maintained meticulously to show that you’ve met your obligations around services and notification of tenants.

Demand to spike as March approaches

Once the final amendments to the regulations are released in 2020, landlords and property managers will be rushing to organise safety checks ahead of the 29 March 2021 deadline. A limited pool of qualified technicians will be in hot demand!

Savvy property managers will move early to schedule and complete the safety services well before the deadline looms. You can also reduce the financial and administrative hassle for yourself and your landlords by bundling smoke alarm, gas and electrical safety services together.

As the experts in safety and compliance, Detector Inspector has put together a complete solution for our valued agency clients to meet the changing regulations in 2021.

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